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1. What do you sell?

Our shop offer complete tuning body kits. Made from high quality of fiberglass. What exactly Body kit means? It is full set of tuning parts which you can use to upgrade look of your car. Body kits are different, which means that each body kit is unique. If you want to know what is included to the body kit you like, you may find all necesary information in item description. 


2. What about fitting? How can i install these parts?

We highly recommand to use professional work shop with fiberglass experiance, unless you have experiance with mounting fiberglass parts. 

Professional body shop won't have a problem with installation, because our product is made with precision to avoid gaps, or defects. 


3. Do you paint body parts?

No. We don't service painting. You need to do that on your own. Please note, that it's much better to make fitting first, then, when you are 100% it fits to your car - spray each body part. 


4. Is there any hardware, or manual included?

Brackets are included to most of our body kits, but if you want to be completely sure, just send us an e-mail about body kit you want to order, so we could provide you all necesary information. 

Manual is not included. Check section 2. We don't add manual, because every professional body shop know exactly how to do that. 

5. Is it "plug and play"?

Not really. Each car can be different. Difficulty level depends on many circumstanses like production year, car history (accidents, scratches etc.) Fiberglass is elastic and may require little bit modification, but it won't affect on final look. 

As explained above, we don't make cut-outs for bolts, or screws, because we want to leave this work for your body shop to make it work on your car. Best example is parking sensors holes. A lot of people ask us if it's prepared, drilled for installation - no. Some people use sensors, some of them not. That's why we leave this work for each customer. 


6. What if one, or more parts contained to body kit i bought from you come with dents or scratches?

If the body kit is not major damaged (broke in half for example) We don't take responsibility for that. Please be aware, that even if we pack these parts very carefully, it can be delivered with little defects, however they can be easily corrected by professionals before fitting and painting. 


7. If i receive body kit badly damaged? 

We always ask for opinion of two body shops and pictures to be sure, that it arrived in terrible condition and it is useless. When we verify that, we can offer you refund, or send you replacement for damaged parts. 


8. How long do i have to wait for delivery? 

After you place an order, we need 3-5 business days to prepare your body kit. It is different, because production of some body kits may take longer because each body kit is different and one may take longer than the other. 

After your body kit will be ready for shipping, it takes 3-4 business days for delivery, so all this process starting from payment to collection takes 8-9 business days. 

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